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Research and Polling Methodology

Clear, Accurate & Insightful information can only be gleaned from survey research questionnaires that are precisely tailored to cut through the clutter to deliver clear, prioritized findings.

The Nelson Report has over 35 years of experience in working with school districts, local governments, businesses and industry groups to develop the methodology that gleans the information that matters most.

The Nelson Report public opinion research and polling incorporates the following elements designed to help school districts, local governments and other clients cut through the clutter to deliver superior services and outcomes for the people they serve:

  • Client Perception. This informs the client if there are general areas of concern in the community. There is a direct relationship between community perceptions and a client’s ability to pass a levy.
  • Money Management. This informs the client if the community has positive/negative perceptions about how the client is spending taxpayer dollars.
  • Rating of Physical Condition of Buildings / Infrastructure. Informs the client if community is aware of current issues with school buildings, public buildings, public infrastructure, etc.
  • ‘Who’s Ahead’ #1. Must be a non-biased question that outlines a measure’s costs, measure’s components, and cost to individual taxpayers. All subsequent messages are measured against the results from this question.
  • ‘If You Knew’ Series. The Nelson Report uses this series of questions to individually isolate and test voter response to one piece of information per question. Gives client clear indication of messages and information that appeals to voters.
  • ‘Priorities’ Series. Tests individual components of a measure along with cost. Informs the client which projects the community does or does not support.
  • ‘If You Had To Choose’ Series. This is used if there are multiple levy packages the client wants to test. Also used if there are potential competing levies on the same ballot.
  • ‘Agree/Disagree’ Series. The Nelson Report uses this methodology to provide purposefully prejudicial statements to cross-check messages that were included in previous series.
  • ‘Who’s Ahead’ #2. While not vital to the integrity of the survey questionnaire, this informs clients as to the impact the questionnaire messages had on support for the proposed measure.

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