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Why Conduct Survey Research?

The Nelson Report specializes in survey research to help school districts, local governments, businesses and industry groups to achieve their finance, communications and policy objectives.

  • Telephone survey research is the most efficient method of collecting information about a large community of people. It provides opinions from a small representative subset of a community to generalize the whole.
  • Telephone survey research elicits more honest responses from respondents because the survey questionnaire is administered by a third party.
  • Survey research will test general community or voter perceptions of the client, whether it’s a school district, community college, local government or local employer.
  • For school districts and local governments, survey research will test support for bond measures/operating levies as well as what possible components of the measure are supported by voters.
  • Survey research assists in determining whether there are messages or perceptions that positively/negatively impact community or voter support for local or statewide measures.
  • Survey research is the foundation of any well-executed campaign. It forms the basis of initial decision-making, the development of key messages, the development of key components of any measure, and in the overall management and execution of a campaign.
  • In short, any campaign without survey research is simply premised on guesswork.

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